There is a blathering Traveler Man with the left-side of his face unshaven. "She changed her mind after six weeks and that's when I tried to hang myself with a vacuum cleaner." "Uh-huh," Bartender says. "Next one changed her mind after six years. Women do that, see," says Traveler Man. "So you tried to hang yourself with a vacuum cleaner again?" Bartender says looking around.

Moshy takes a sip and looks across the bar and sees them in the mirror and looks away again. Then a few smokers in the bright sun just beyond the doorway. Then a big green some kinda head staring in at him off the street, teeth bared.

He stares back at Green Man. Jesus fucking Christ.

His scalp stings and he looks in the mirror despite himself and then at the big green fucker with the teeth and pulls his foot up on to the stool and laces the boot fast and leaves the five on the bar and gets the fuck out.

14 September 2006